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Reclaim PV Recycling

Commercial decommissioning


Reclaim PV works with commercial and utility scale sites to provide decommissioning works to electrically decommission PV systems and to restore the site for any new works.


For larger scale systems, we can offer a per panel rate to dismantle which will include the cost of recycling. Reclaim PV can work together with selected CEC approved electricians to value add the decommission of large systems and reduce the costs of recycling.


We understand the current cost barrier with recycling PV modules. When Reclaim PV is involved in the decommission works, it drastically reduces the cost of recycling due to controls and handling, which in turn makes the recycling option more commercially viable.


Reclaim PV can offer decommissioning support for a range of situations including:

  1. Large scale hail damage
  2. Building works to remove structures
  3. PV system upgrades
  4. Old PV Solar Farms

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