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Reclaim PV Recycling

Reclaim services

Reclaim PV Recycling has been recognised as the leading provider of end to end recycling services in Australia, and has funding support from a number of State Governments to establish a national network that manages the entire end-of-life process from collection through to recycling, ensuring nothing reaches landfill.


By partnering with Reclaim PV Recycling, you can be assured that you will be disposing of faulty or end of life solar panels responsibly.

Services we offer

Reclaim PV provides a range of services to help users, installers and manufacturers manage end-of-life solar panels and associated batteries.


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PV Recycling

PV recycling

Reclaim PV operates Australia’s leading end to end recycling and recovery network, allowing manufacturers, installers, retailers, site developers and other key stakeholders to significantly reduce the number of end-of-life solar panels and batteries going to landfill.


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Commercial Decommissioning

Commercial decommissioning

Reclaim PV works with commercial and utility scale sites to provide decommissioning works to electrically decommission PV systems and to restore the site for any new works.


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Material supply

Material supply

Reclaim PV supplies materials that we recover through the recycling process to other industries. Recoverable materials include Aluminium, Glass, Copper, Silver and Silicon.


Find out more about the recycling process and the materials that are produced for re-use


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PV Consulting

PV consulting

Reclaim PV provides consulting services to support the establishment and effective operations of solar panel recycling in Australia and abroad.


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